Sean Sherlock is a turd

I have previously written about how I was glad to see the American Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA bill crumble into dust as the internet backlashed against it. Similarly, I am glad to see the strong opposition to ACTA in Europe which will hopefully have that bill destroyed. However, I did note that vigilance was necessary, because others would continue along the same lines – like Sean Sherlock, the Irish Labour TD who purports to be the Minister for State in the Department of Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation.

Recently, this treacherous snake introduced an equivalent bill to SOPA into the Irish Oireachtas, one that wasn’t even voted on by the Oireachtas, let alone the Irish populace. In a country where the growing IT industry is one of the few assets of the economy, this slimeball decides to introduce a bill against the wills of at least the 80,000 people who signed a petition against the bill, and one which could well harm the chances of IT firms setting up in Ireland for fear that they might be repressed. Enterprise, jobs and innovation, my ass. All Sherlock (and we’re all aware of the irony of that particular name) cares about is his kickback from the fat cat media industry, rather than actually supporting innovation from the companies which don’t just rely on derivative bullshit to keep them afloat.

I don’t get many Irish readers, and less still from the Cork East constituency where Sherlock runs, but if I do reach anybody in the constituency, make sure you don’t let this cockweasel anywhere near even a local council seat, let alone the Dáil. Clearly, all he’s good for in his current position is representing a big joke – and not a very funny one.

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