A Brief Update

Since my last update, I’ve found myself rather busy with family affairs, but nevertheless have still been working on some technologically-focused aims of my own. I’m looking towards studying and becoming a Red Hat Certified System Administrator by the end of the year, a certification which I hope will serve as a good stepping stone for some of my career ambitions in the future.

In my home environment, I’ve finally got the AMDGPU open-source drivers working on my openSUSE system and my Radeon R9 290; I haven’t had much of an opportunity to really push the drivers to check if there has been any performance increase over the FGLRX drivers that I had been using, but it at least opens the door for me using Vulkan in the future. I’ve started playing a few games as well, but have not been able to finish them; these include Planescape: Torment and Doom (2016). Maybe when I have a bit more time, I’ll be able to go a bit further with these particular games.

But the biggest news of the last three months on the technological side of things is my purchase of a Synology DS416 NAS system for home storage. I’ve loaded it with four 4TB WD Red hard drives and set it up for RAID 5, with a total advertised capacity of 10.90TB in total. At present, I’ve only allocated 4TB of this space as a backup storage space, which I’m generally accessing through NFS on Linux, but can also set up for SMB on Windows, but with iSCSI capabilities on the system and my own experience with iSCSI through my job doing technical support for a certain brand of enterprise iSCSI SAN arrays, I will likely have ample opportunities to set up the system for VM space on either KVM or as a practice environment for VMware ESXi. I’ll report more on this when I’ve had a chance to do performance benchmarking and to set up more environments on the system.